Coming Soon: New RV Perks

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We believe our world-class talent deserves world-class amenities – and we’re always willing to challenge what’s possible in order to deliver. As we continue to expand all over the globe, here’s a sneak peek at how we’re continuing to improve the RV employee experience in every location:

Charlotte: Private Zoo

RV is taking doggie daycare to the next level: we’re converting the wooded areas behind RV4 into a private, onsite zoo (filled with animals we all know and love, like zebras and cows) that will only be accessible by Red Ventures employees and the residents of the “SoBa” apartments next door. When work gets a little crazy, why not head next door and nuzzle a naked mole rat for comfort on your lunch break?

RV UK: On-Call Autonomous Shuttles

We’re doing more than disrupting industries – we’re disrupting the daily commute. In our London office, we’re investing in a fleet of autonomous shuttles for a more seamless work experience. In addition to morning and evening duties, the RV autonomous shuttle will be on-call even after work hours. While in transit, employees can complete work tasks, join virtual meetings with our leadership (including Ric), or pick an autonomous shuttle containing a spin bike, where they’ll be able to participate in the first-of-its-kind morning commute workout class.

NYC: Baby Mentorship Program

When it comes to developing talent, we firmly believe in providing more meaningful experiences, earlier in your career. RV Baby mentees will go through a rigorous training program, ensuring that the world’s youngest geniuses have experience coding, creating, and of course, napping. Employees will receive the rewarding experience of watching their mentees grow (both figuratively and literally).

And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be establishing the following perks, effective immediately:

  • Austin, Texas: Onsite RV parking. RVs are our name and now they’re our game.

  • Detroit, Michigan: COFFEE ROBOTS. Get your morning/afternoon/evening lattes served right up to your desk!

  • Global: Positivity matching – We’ve got 401(k) matching, but we’ll also match up to 100% of your good vibes. Consider it a raise!

What other amenities would you like to see added to RV offices? We challenge you to come up with better perks than that!

Did you enjoy this article? We’re glad, but you should know that not even we have perks that crazy – this article is completely fake. If you’ve read this far, we salute you and cordially invite you to share this post/trick as many of your friends as possible. April Fools!


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