PODCAST: 3 Things with Larry Fitzgerald

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by CEO Ric Elias

I’m Ric Elias, one of the luckiest people you’ll ever meet. I was lucky enough to survive a plane crash – and to share on the TED stage 3 things I learned from that experience.  Now I’m sharing conversations I feel lucky to have had with remarkable people – plus 3 things we can all take away from each.

This week we’ve got two conversations with Larry Fitzgerald. He’s an NFL superstar – the second-leading receiver of all time, an eleven-time pro-bowler, and a future Hall of Famer. Oh yeah, and at the time of this phone call, Larry had just sunk a hole-in-one while golfing with former president, Barack Obama.

Listen to the full episode below to hear his thoughts on bad calls in the NFL, who he thinks will win the Super Bowl, and much more:

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