Day in the Life: RV Sales Associate Program (Sales Academy)

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Gigi Sabino

Gigi Sabino

Scared. Enthusiastic. Worried. Nervous. Excited. Those are just a few of the emotions I was feeling on Day One of live calls. (And I didn’t even take a call on day one.)

This week of the Sales Associate Program was all about applying everything we’d learned up until this point. They weren’t kidding when they said it would feel like drinking water from a fire hose — there was so much information to take in.

Even though my heart was racing, making my first sale was exhilarating. But playing our calls back was a different story.

What I learned: Self-critique is key to getting better.

The goal of listening to our completed calls is to identify places where we did well — and places where we can get better. More than once, I found myself thinking,  “why did I say that?” or “how did I even make that sale!?” It was encouraging to realize that I had all the answers in my arsenal of knowledge — I just had to trust myself. (And get a little more practice under my belt.)

All in all, I can’t wait to get better at calls, to keep on growing and learning, and yes: to fail. Learn, apply, rinse, repeat.

Victoria Merriweather

Victoria Merriweather

I’ve never considered myself a “sales person,” so the idea of taking calls was nothing short of terrifying. My palms were sweating and my heart was racing as I prepared to take my first call. The past two weeks had prepared me for this moment, but the anticipation was killing me. Every minute waiting for a call seemed like an eternity. I had a well-formulated plan. I was ready to take action.

What I learned: Be ready to adapt. (And for high-fives.)

Within the first two minutes of my first call, I noticed that the customer was pretty frustrated. I knew had to do something to shake up the situation, so I improvised.

“Have you ever heard of Game of Thrones?” That was all it took to turn a tense situation into a Jon Snow showdown. (Or should I say Snowdown?!) Within minutes, we were bonding over our favorite characters and ready to talk deals.

In the past couple of weeks of the SAP Program, we’ve all had some victorious moments. But nothing can compare to making my first sale. Surrounded by my positive and ambitious teammates, I felt like the sky was the limit. It was amazing to see my colleagues not only celebrating their own wins, but cheering on their teammates, too.

High Five

There’s something to be said for a company that doesn’t make you choose between the success of yourself and your team. Even though we still have a couple more weeks of training to go, I am more than prepared for the journey.

Our Sales Associate Program is a new way to launch your career in sales, leadership, digital marketing, or technology: invest two years of your career with us, and we’ll invest in your future success here and anywhere the road takes you. Why? We’ve been growing at breakneck speeds (20% YoY), and we’re looking for top talent to grow with us. Click here to learn more about the RV Sales Associate Program.

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