Day in the Life: RV Sales Associate Program (Week 1)

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by Victoria Merriweather

It’s 9am on a Monday morning, and I’m sitting in the lobby of Red Ventures HQ, eagerly awaiting my very first day of work out of college. While I wait, I prepare myself with a quick mental pep-talk – and 6 shots of espresso (oops). I remember feeling overwhelmed with happiness as I waited for the day to start. There’s just nothing more energizing than being surrounded by other young adults who are eager to succeed and grow their careers (and also, espresso).

Next, Dayne, Sean, David, and Josh greeted us, and all twenty-one of us “Sales Savages” went around the room to introduce ourselves. We got the full tour to understand exactly how Red Ventures builds technology and uses data insights to funnel high-value customers to our sales center, and we met several senior leaders on the sales and sales support side — including the co-founder of the company, Dan Feldstein. Throughout the week, we continued to study the RV business model and began training on the RV Sales Process. My brain is still absorbing the boatload of information we were exposed to that first week.

On Friday, our task was to explore RV, meet more people outside of our cohort, and learn about RV’s culture and history through a social media Scavenger Hunt. Things… got a little out of hand.

Knocking out pins like we’re going to knock out those sales goals! #rvscavengerhunt

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Pic1: Embodied AT&T. Literally. Pic2: And then there’s T-Mobile ft. John’s hair. #rvscavengerhunt A post shared by RV SAP GROUP 3 (@red_avengers) on

Beer at Big View $4.99. Lunch $9.99. Sitting on Ric’s couch? Priceless. #rvscavengerhunt FYI Ric and Dan met at Sendant. And Mark used to be Ricks boss. Thanks to Alex (Ric’s assistant) for the 411.

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Got our spin on with group 1 #spunthedayaway #rvscavengerhunt



I feel so grateful for the unique opportunity I have here starting as a Sales Associate at RV, and for the personal and professional development ahead of us. If our coaches have taught us one thing so far, it’s definitely that coachability is key. I’ve never been more excited to prove that I’m up for a challenge.

Our Sales Associate Program is a new way to launch your career in sales, leadership, digital marketing, or technology: invest two years of your career with us, and we’ll invest in your future success here and anywhere the road takes you. Why? We’ve been growing at breakneck speeds (20% YoY), and we’re looking for top talent to grow with us. Click here to learn more about the RV Sales Associate Program.

Want more Day in the Life?  Find out what it’s like to be a recruiter at RV right here. 

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