Sneak peek: Red Ventures at SMX East

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 SMX East is the largest (and arguably coolest) search engine marketing conference in the world. This year, industry leaders from across the country are taking over New York City for a three-day deep dive into SEO and SEM tactics. We’re proud to announce that two of our own paid media experts have been selected to speak.

Read on to for an inside look at the insights Bosley Jarret and Chelsea Chambers are sharing at SMX East.

Bosley Jarrett

Speaker: Bosley Jarrett

Role at RV: Paid Media Associate on the Global Paid Media Team

What he’s presenting at SMX East: Dashboardology: The Science of Using a Dashboard as an Analysis Mechanism”

What it means: Your brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text.

So, why are we searching for insights in endless spreadsheets of numbers? Visualizing data allows us to make faster, more accurate decisions for our Paid Media accounts.

In this session, I will share some of the data visualization techniques and software we use to discover insights within our paid media data and improve communication across each level of our paid media team and partners. This overview will include interactive reports, trend/anomaly detection, geo analyses, intra-day reporting, and cross account performance.

Fun fact: He’s a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to color combinations and trivia.

Chelsea Chambers

Speaker: Chelsea Chambers

Role at RV: Paid Media Associate on the Global Paid Media Team

What she’s presenting at SMX East: “Google Features Lightning Round: How to Get the Highest Yield Out of 6 Useful Google Features”

What it means: With 15% conversion lifts and 10% lower costs — why don’t we all trust Google?”

Because we’re marketers, and we test everything. We tested a plethora of Google features and found sweet spots with the biggest gains. However, we also discovered that if you use incorrect testing practices, it’s easy to distrust these features — if you’re putting in unreasonable inputs, you’re going to get unreasonable outputs.

At Red Ventures, we approach every possibility with skepticism — nothing is proven until tested. So, we applied this approach to various Google Features. Rather than testing into one or two features and trusting Google from there, we took a deep dive into six key features and determined the best way to approach testing them. (We also noted the ways that won’t work.)

This presentation will equip the audience to utilize Google’s Features more effectively, understand why previous tests with these features may have been unsuccessful, and determine the best strategic testing plan for confirming the effectiveness of these features. When it’s all said and done, I hope we’ll all feel more confident in Google and less guilty about how much money we pay them each year.

Fun fact: She’s huge University of Georgia fan, she loves binging really good television shows, and she’s an unashamed cat person.

Meet our speakers at SMX East to learn more about data visualization and Google Features. Can’t make it? Follow all the fun on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @RedVentures.

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