What’s a Culture Carrier?

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We believe in home-grown talent and are very committed to meritocracy with a heavy investment in learning and development for those who are culture carriers and strong performers.

Three years ago, we introduced a new tradition on our company trip: the “Culture Carrier” award. This is the part of the Annual Meeting when we call a few high-achievers up on stage, and we recognize them for their outstanding contributions to our company culture.

It’s one of the highest honors we have at RV. We believe every employee has a responsibility to become an author of our story, so everyone is expected to help drive our culture. Director of Corporate Communications (and a 2016 Culture Carrier!) Maghan Cook said it best this year in Cancun:


Culture Carriers are our ultimate team players, our greatest role models, our biggest community champions. In short, they make Red Ventures a great place to work.

Meet our 2017 winners!

ZwiebackMark Zwieback

Mark has been with RV since 2007. He’s a Master Sales Agent at the highest level, he’s worked on 12 businesses at RV (!) and is arguably one of our most successful agents of all time. Anyone who knows him will agree: he’s just one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

SteveSteve Harold

Steve was one of our first MSA REDs (an elite team designed to think strategically about company-wide initiatives) and his work has touched nearly every agent at RV. Another fun fact about Steve: Before joining Red Ventures, he was an entrepreneur who owned a multi-million dollar business in the swimming pool industry.

StreeterJason Streeter

Streeter is a cultural icon who’s been with Red Ventures for more than 10 years and currently helps lead one of our telco businesses. In that time, he’s earned a name for himself as someone who leads by example and is a rockstar both on and off the basketball court.

JoanneJoanne Anderson

Joanne relocated from Miami in 2012 and has quickly risen to become a leader in North Charlotte as a senior performance manager. She’s thoughtful, hilarious, and a huge reason why our NCLT office culture is so strong.


JDJonathan Desrochers 

JD has been with RV since 2004 as an engineer and is currently a Vice President of Engineering. He’s had a hand in building every single technology platform we use today – and he does it all with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

TaylorTaylor Goddard

Taylor’s been with the Corporate Communications team since its inception. He’s ego-less, selfless, passionate, and brilliantly funny. Everyone at RV knows that any interaction with Taylor is going to be the best interaction you’ll have all day, because you will laugh until it hurts. (If you’re wondering why he’s not on stage, it’s because he’s the guy running the show.)

Here’s another thing we believe: Take your work – but not yourself – seriously. This year’s Culture Carriers have that covered, too.

Um. What?

This year, Ric added an element of surprise to the award. He pretended to call 5 random participants from the audience to compete for a prize…by doing the chicken dance.

Or… whatever this was.

Congratulations to ALL of our winners! (And thanks for being good sports.)

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