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At Red Ventures, we think it’s fun to challenge what’s possible and do bold things – fast. We believe in doing everything we can to positively alter the trajectory of the lives and careers of those we touch, and that our ultimate purpose is to empower our employees to be the authors of who we will be.

For that reason, we asked real RV employees to share some of the most meaningful experiences they’ve had in their careers and the truly incredible things they’ve accomplished so far.



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Behind the Video

We know what you’re thinking – “Wait. Did all of that really happen?” (It did.) Here’s a closer look at the people and stories in the video:


“I organized a leadership conference for 300 of my female colleagues.”

Who said it? Catie Kelly, Marketing Director

What’s it mean? Since 2015, we’ve hosted an annual women’s leadership conference where every female employee is invited to participate in workshops, get involved in community activities and attend keynotes from some of the most influential women in the country. As the mastermind behind this important event, Catie (who’s been at RV for 5 years and is currently a Marketing Director) has a hand in crafting everything from the program agenda to the (awesome) swag bags. Check out highlights from last year’s event here, and watch the video below to get an idea of the types of content we covered:




“I broke ground on our new building – with the Governor.”

Who said it? Chanda Schwartz, Master Sales Agent

Really? Yep. At the groundbreaking ceremony for our fourth building (and biggest expansion yet – more than doubling our campus size!), CEO Ric Elias gave up his ceremonial shovel and asked one of our most tenured Master Sales Agents to take his place instead. Chanda totally owned it.


BONUS: Here’s a sneak peek at the construction of RV4 (it’s set to open January 2017):



“I run a business outside of Red Ventures, and they support it.”

Who said it? Drew Burdick, Senior Web Designer

Is that true? Absolutely. Drew’s one of many active entrepreneurs who work here, and we truly celebrate the awesome things they’re doing outside of work. Every year we host an “RV Makers Market” during the holiday season and encourage all our entrepreneurs and small business owners to bring their “side hustles” to work for the day (plus, we get some holiday shopping in during work hours, so it’s a win-win). Side gigs range from custom clothing makers, personal health coaches, candle makers, handmade crafts, print designers and much more.

Meet some of the most creative and entrepreneurial people we know (who also happen to work at RV during the day) in the video below:

Want more? Re-live our ridiculous glorious Best Places to Work performances, explore Brazil, or watch previously unreleased Company Trip Video footage here. There’s so much to do!

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