RV Goes to the Bing Spring Fling

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An Event Like No Other for the “Other” Search Platform

As Robert Frost once wrote of two roads, and which I will now butcher for the purposes of starting my blog post about Bing:

                  Two platforms diverged in a paid search ‘scape,

                  And sorry I could not search both

                  And be one user, expectations agape

                  And browse through both as far as I could.


                  Two engines diverged by fate, and I –

                  I took the one less searched by.

                  And that has made all the difference.

As ridiculous of a way to start a blog-post as that was, it truly encapsulates why RV hosted an afternoon-long Bing event in the theme of a college date-party, complete with frocket tee’s and the coronation of Bing Spring Fling Kings and Queens. And the reason for that is simple:

Bing is RV Paid Search’s Next Big Thing.

Bing has ample room for growth, optimization, and testing.  It has capabilities that even Google (henceforth referred to as “The Other Engine”) can’t match. Bing is clearly the next whale to chase, and I have gratefully accepted my role as navigator.

However, one giant question loomed over my head: Where do we start the chase? With the large task of solving an entire search engine, I developed a plan of attack:

  1. Let’s get everyone to talk about what has worked (#OneBingThing)
  2. Let’s get Bing Reps to talk about what we can do better (#ReppingBing)
  3. Let’s get everyone to talk about what we’re going to do next (#NextBingThing)

And thus the Bing Spring Fling was born:




A representative of every RV partnership presented their biggest monthly win, and every single partnership had something new to contribute to the discussion. Wins included new site-design, account restructures, full-funnel alignment, and the ever-popular prune-to-grow bidding strategy. Analysts bounced ideas back-and-forth, challenging each other to think about Bing from completely new angles. One theme rang true throughout every win: Bing ≠ The Other Engine, so stop acting like it.


Our lovely Bing Reps, Nicole, Aftab and Carolina (pictured below in some good-looking t-shirts) spoke to us about the benefits of our deep, strategic relationship with their Bing offices.


Their presentation ran through upcoming pilots, capabilities and a demonstration of all the new features for BAE 11 (Bing Ads Editor 11 for the uninitiated). We were able to use their presentation as fuel for our next step…

#NextBingThing / The Coronation of Bing Spring Fling Kings and Queens

By far my favorite part of the day, the paid seard department split into groups focused on one goal: What is our next Bing win? Best idea wins Bing Spring Fling Kings and Queens. Teams were given one hour to collaborate, pull data, and make presentations as to why they should be given the crown and the title. Unfortunately, I have a strict NDA in my contract, so I can’t go into specifics as to what RV’s #NextBingThing will be, but suffice to say we are going to #BingItOn harder than ever.


David Gordon joined RV in July 2015 from Vanderbilt University as a paid search analyst for the DIRECTV partnership, and later decided that he was the resident Bing Evangelist. David’s interests include puns, Pittsburgh sports, and pizza. He is the one barely poking his head through the gap in the picture above.

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