Every Superhero Needs a Day Job

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Red Ventures Goes to HeroesCon!

HeroesCon is one of the largest conventions in the Southeast and attracts a truly unique blend of artists, writers and other talented creatives from all over the country. If you’ve never been, you might know it as the weekend when there’s always at least one Khaleesi in front of you in line at Amelie’s.

Since stuffy job fairs aren’t exactly our scene, we sent a team to the convention this year to meet the talented people of Charlotte’s creative community and spread the word about creative jobs at Red Ventures.

Some of us worked in costume.
Some of us worked in costume.

The RV booth showcased some of our most talented designers who are also active entrepreneurs outside of work (some of them even had their own HeroesCon booths!). Our theme? “Every Superhero Needs a Day Job.”

Check out the video below, and keep reading for a full recap of the weekend from the folks who ran the Red Ventures HeroesCon booth:


How did we land on the theme: “Every Superhero Needs a Day Job?”

Jenny Lou:  We want people to know that we aren’t like most 9-5 jobs. Some companies might be OK with you running a side business or doing some freelance things outside of work, but you typically have to keep it totally separate from your day job. (Like a secret identity?!) At RV, we truly celebrate what our employees are doing outside of work because we recognize the talent and the entrepreneurial spirit behind that. It’s a huge part of our culture.

Erin: If you think about most superheroes, they usually have a “normal” day job during the day – and they become masked vigilantes by night to fuel their passion for fighting crime. In a similar way, most creative people have personal projects they’re passionate about but also need a full-time job for a stable income. We wanted the message for artists and hobbyists at HeroesCon to be that RV is an awesome home for creative and entrepreneurial people who want to have a successful career without giving up on their dreams or creative outlets. In fact, the go-getter environment here often helps develop those talents and take it to new levels.


What was your favorite moment from the weekend?

Gina: I don’t know if I have one moment in particular, but just watching our Creatives get excited to talk about what they do… it gave me all the fuzzy feels!

Drew: Tough to say. Probably seeing a T-Rex and a Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot doing the running man challenge right next to our booth. (Because that really happened.)

Rob: It was really fun to see the excitement in people’s eyes when we talked about potential creative career opportunities at RV. As a side bonus, I dressed up for half the show as Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and got to take so many pictures with kids who were excited to see me. That’s a cool feeling.

Jenny Lou: Hands down, recruiting Sub-Zero. There’s nothing more amazing than being surrounded by creative people, reppin’ our favorite characters in costume and talking about work we’re passionate about. It was a nerdy dream come true.

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Did anything surprise you about HeroesCon?

Gina: I was surprised by how many people I spoke with who either hadn’t heard of Red Ventures or had no idea that we have creative and technology teams.

Drew: I knew this was a big event, but I was still shocked by how busy it was. I found out afterwards that more than 30,000 people attended on Saturday alone!

Jenny Lou: We realized a ton of people have no idea that Red Ventures even has a Creative team! It was awesome to be able to spread the word about what an innovative and creative company we are, and I love the fact that we were able to showcase the super impressive things our employees are doing outside of work. RV does a great job of not just talking about how talented our teams are, but genuinely supporting the work we’re passionate about – even if it has nothing to do with our day jobs.

Erin: People typically come to HeroesCon looking for things like comics, costumes and swag – not necessarily a new job – so I wasn’t entirely sure how our booth would be received. However, I was thrilled to see a ton of interest around our booth. We stayed busy the whole weekend!

Anything else our readers should know about RV/HeroesCon/Life in general?

Rob: It was a blast having a booth at this year’s HeroesCon. We met a bunch of awesome people and got to swap stories with some really impressive creatives in the field. I hope we get to make it out there again in 2017 – but we’ll definitely need more yo-yos. 

Drew: I think we’re entering an exciting chapter on the creative team, one in which we can really start to blend our passions outside of RV with our daily responsibilities at work. It’s awesome that Red Ventures is so supportive of our creative endeavors and is willing to give us the opportunity to participate in events like HeroesCon. If you’re considering making a job change, definitely consider RV. You won’t be disappointed.

Jenny Lou: Thank you to the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find staff and volunteers for putting on such an amazing event and supporting the creative community! I can’t wait for next year!

Meet the RV HeroesCon Crew!


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