Red Ventures Preview: SMX Advanced 2016 in Seattle

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Ryan Fowler joined Red Ventures as a Paid Search Analyst in 2014 from William & Mary; he currently manages an account in the financial services industry. As a native of northern New Jersey, he enjoys Yankees baseball, driving like he’s from New Jersey, and asking people if they like Bruce Springsteen. He hates pumping his own gas.

From June 21-23, nine members of the Red Ventures Paid Search team and five members of our SEO team will travel to Seattle to attend SMX Advanced 2016. Many of us are veterans of the SMX East Conference held in New York City last year, and we’re all excited to attend more sessions, explore the expo hall, drink copious amounts of Seattle coffee, and connect with more search professionals!

Here are the top 5 things we’re excited for in the Emerald City:

1. Keynotes: Getting a chance to hear perspectives on search directly from the search engines themselves is always insightful. A team from Red Ventures attended the Google Performance Summit last month and heard all of the game-changing announcements in person. We’re all looking forward to hearing what Google’s Sundeep Jain has to say about the SEM landscape following those big announcements at the Performance Summit and the removal of the right rail ads earlier this year.

I’m also excited for Lynne Kjolso’s keynote conversation on Bing Ads. From new pilots, a new Bing Ads Editor (we affectionately call it BAE), and recent bonding at Hero Conf with Purna Virji (@purnavirji) and many others from Bing, Red Ventures has been all about Bing this year.  Needless to say, we’re eager to hear what Bing has to say on their home turf.

2. “Lies, Damned Lies, & Search Marketing Statistics”: Adria Kyne’s (@AdriaK) session really jumped out to us on the agenda. As Paid Search Associates at RV, our goal is to grow our partners’ business through testing and optimizations, and we have the proprietary technology to measure our effectiveness. Her mention of real-life case studies to improve testing and measurement efforts sounds like it’s right up our alley and we’re excited to hear what she has to say on the subject on Wednesday!

3. Bonding with our SEO Team: This is the first time that our Paid Search team has traveled to a search conference with more than one SEO Associate. We’re looking forward to bonding with our SEO team out of the office. Especially since the last time we went to a conference with that single SEO Associate, he kicked off the dancing at the 2015 Landy Awards and tore up the dance floor

4. The Topics are Advanced: Being SMX Advanced, there’s a plethora of complex issues and opportunities being covered in the sessions and panels that weren’t discussed at SMX East. A few that we’re especially tuned into address Audience-Based SEM, augmenting search with social, and attribution. It will be great to get external stimuli for these topics from other search professionals.

5. Reminisce about Panthers Glory: Just going to leave this right here, Seattle. Your friends from Charlotte will see you soon.

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