3 Tips for a Smooth Landing in Paid Search at Red Ventures

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Summer and humidity in Charlotte are fast approaching, which can only mean one thing for us on the Red Ventures paid search teams… new team members!

Our Human Capital team stepped up to the plate big time and hired 15 new full-time paid search associates and 4 paid search interns to help support our explosive growth and they’ve done an amazing job selecting students from some of the top tier schools in the country. (UVA, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Davidson, and UNC-Chapel Hill to name a few!)

With the success of Jill Nagle’s post detailing the difficulty of explaining what paid search is exactly…  I thought, not only is paid search marketing hard to explain as a job, but how can you be sure that you will be successful at paid search marketing with little to no prior knowledge?!  You don’t typically see “Paid Search Marketing 101” offered at many colleges (yet)…  So without further ado, here are our three tips for being effective at paid search marketing from Day 1, especially at a company like Red Ventures:

1. Be curious – This is your time to ask questions, nobody is going to judge you for asking too many. There is no such thing as a dumb question, especially in your first couple of months.  Question everything that doesn’t make sense to you. Learn the acquisition funnel & put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, especially if you’ve taken note of paid search ads in the past.  Sometimes a fresh set eyes can help your team see things in a new light.

2. Do your homework – School may be over but a little preparation can go a long way in making your learning curve easier. At Red Ventures, we are constantly working towards improving a very robust onboarding process that will cover everything you need to know to be effective, but having a basic understanding of paid search, Google AdWords and the marketing funnel allows you to spend more time focusing on the technical aspects. Familiarize yourself with news sources like Search Engine Land or Beyond the Paid. Also, make sure you follow our very own Sean Murphy on Twitter @PPC_Sean.

3. Dive in – Diving in head first isn’t typically recommended in less than 12 feet of water, but paid search marketing is one of those things where you just have to get your hands dirty. Here at Red Ventures, speed trumps perfection.  We realize mistakes will be made, but as long as you can learn from them and bounce back quickly, you’ll be just fine.

Whether you’re starting to work as a paid search associate at Red Ventures or somewhere else, these tips can go a long way to help ensure a smooth start at your first gig in paid search marketing.   In just a few short weeks, you’ll be seeing those paid search ads in an entirely different light!

John Kirkpatrick is a paid search associate at Red Ventures – where he leads paid search marketing efforts for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. Outside of paid search marketing, John’s interests include start-ups, investing, and Demon Deacon sports.

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