Our 3 Favorite Speakers from Hero Conference 2016

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A few weeks back, we sent a team of our top paid search team members to Philadelphia for the 2016 Hero Conference to learn more about PPC and to meet some of the biggest influencers in the digital marketing world. While we were blown away by the conference as a whole, we had a few favorites. Check out our notes below to see our biggest takeaways and connect with a few of our favorite speakers:

Maddie Cary (@MaddieMarketer) gave an Advanced-Track lesson on international PPC with an emphasis on the importance of customization when tackling international or multinational account creation.  One of the biggest takeaways was that you can’t just translate your English keywords and expect success – it’s about the intent behind the keyword.  She gave the example of how Germans refer to their mobile phones as “Handys.”  Not doing so makes your content seem foreign, despite being technically correct.  Maddie did a great job balancing tactical international PPC best practices with the strategic context to frame the discussion.

Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec), the President & CTO of Ion Interactive, spoke about the convergence of marketing and software.  He laid out how over just the last five years the number of companies offering technology solutions related to marketing has ballooned from 150 to over 3,500.  He then covered a few frameworks that companies can use to manage this trend.  One framework he detailed was Bimodal Marketing, which separates marketing activities into two categories: Core (tasks that need to be performed consistently at scale) and Edge (areas where marketers can aggressively experiment).  As a company where technology and marketing are integrated at a fundamental level, the Red Ventures team enjoyed hearing Scott’s ideas about how to best manage this rapidly evolving landscape, and we definitely plan to use his ideas to help us improve our processes and strategies even more.

Rod Richmond (@rodppc) and AJ Wilcox’s (@wilcoxaj) session on B2B PPC addressed several key issues that make B2B marketing especially difficult:

  1. It’s often more geared towards optimizing for one big sale rather than thousands of smaller conversions.
  2. It takes targeting one person on behalf of an entire company.
  3. Most of the time B2B marketing is on a delayed sales cycle.

That’s why it’s so important for campaigns to be hyper-targeted – so consumers and gatekeepers aren’t finding their way into the funnel.  Then, once you’ve reached the right audience, interactions need to be personal, accessible, and frequent. Finally, leads need to be nurtured and retargeted in order for them to convert.

Since everything we do at Red Ventures is optimized based on conversion, I appreciated getting actionable takeaways on how to test when the sale comes long after the click.

Thanks again to all the impressive speakers we had the privilege of hearing at Hero Conference 2016! See you next year!


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