RV Day in the Life: Paid Search Associate

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Jillian Nagle is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University and one of our newest Associates on our financial services division, RV FAST. In her own words, she describes life at Red Ventures as a Paid Search Analyst: 

I carpool in every morning from South End with another new hire. The first thing I do when I get to my desk is write a daily report, which essentially explains what happened yesterday for my business and what drove those results. About three days a week, I have morning calls with our brand partner to discuss goals, strategies, and results. After that, I have 1:1s with people on my team twice a week to discuss what I’m working on, priorities for the week, what I’d like to work on next, and anything else that’s on my mind.

In the afternoon, I have Red Ventures meetings a few times a week. These include “Search Parties” (Paid Search Committees – Get it?!), Marketing & Pacing meetings, Paid Search Meetings or 1:1s in the café.

Throughout the day, I keep busy “crushing ‘lytics,” as my team would say. “Ownership” is a big deal at Red Ventures, and it’s up to the analysts to keep pulse on our accounts. Much of my day is spent optimizing buckets, running tests, and monitoring the funnel intra-day (and if anything’s wrong, fixing it).

What’s it like being part of the RV team?

I’m stealing someone else’s words… “We take business seriously, but not ourselves.”

I was nervous when people kept describing the RV culture as “casual.” I’m a pretty intense person, and I didn’t want to work in too lax an environment. However, it’s been exhilarating to work at a company that cares so much about results. We put in every effort to drive our businesses to their full potential, but we don’t put in too much effort where it doesn’t matter or isn’t genuine. And not only does RV drive results, everyone here is really excited about doing it!


Anything else you’d like to share?

The more I talk to other 20-somethings about their careers, the more I realize how rare the Red Ventures experience is. The main things I’ve learned to be thankful for are:

  • Constant feedback. Knowing how you are doing is SO important when transitioning from the college environment, where you’re tested every few weeks.
  • Collaboration over competition. RV has huge potential for my entire class to move up and take on more responsibility together, rather than duking it out for a limited number of roles.
  • Visibility to leadership, and engaging with leaders who genuinely care about my development.
  • Being involved in the “interesting projects” rather than just “analyst tasks.” It is so rewarding to own my own projects, make tough decisions and see results based on my performance, rather than just sending reports off to someone else.

Early on, I had a conversation about RV with one of my close friends from school. His response was this: “Jill, you’re 22 and you love your job. Do you know how rare that is?” Experiences like this really put into perspective how unique of a place Red Ventures is.

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