RV Paid Search: Tapping the Right Side of the Brain

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As a paid search analyst at Red Ventures, the left-side of your brain gets a lot of exercise. We collaborate with our teammates, listen to presentations, compute in Excel, analyze metrics in Google AdWords – Basically, we crush ‘lytics all day.

But that’s not to say our brains are one dimensional.  It’s important to remember the right side of the brain isn’t just limited to musicians, artists, and comedians of the world.  (Although there are many of those at RV!)  Analysts still must leverage the right-side of our brains to make use of creativity, imagination and intuition every single day. This part of the brain helps us think of new tests, write new ad copy and visualize how to achieve lower CPCs.

It also can provide the edge companies need to differentiate themselves in a world where technical skills often become commoditized or even automated.

Here are 3 easy ways members of our team exercise the right side of our brains to increase creativity and productivity:

  • Do something unfamiliar: Try writing your name on a piece of paper. Now do the same thing with your non-dominant hand. It’s a lot harder, right? Using your non-dominant hand, regardless of whether you are a righty or a lefty, stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. So take just a few seconds during your week, whether it’s while you’re brushing your teeth or writing notes in a meeting, to use your “more awkward” hand.
  • Kick off meetings right: A good portion of the workweek is usually consumed by meetings, some routine, some not. If you are ever looking to energize your team (such as during an early Monday morning meeting?!) or simply stimulate some creative thought, try spending 5-10 minutes pushing on the right side of the brain. Something as simple as a quick game of charades, an improv exercise, writing the alphabet with your non-dominant hand, or drawing a picture can all achieve this.
  • Plan a creativity workshop: Knock Knock – Who’s there?! Did you know that laughing and humor actually fosters creativity? It puts people at ease, allowing them to open up and freely share ideas in a more comfortable environment. Creativity workshops can be especially productive before a big business brainstorm to help put people in an ingenious mindset AND can be incredible cataylsts for team-building. A number of different groups specialize in providing these kinds of services to companies. At Red Ventures, we’ve used Charlotte Creativity, a division of a local improv comedy group to help lead leadership trainings and creativity workshops.

Take it from us, spending some time to tap into the right side of the brain gives you and your team the upper hand in both analytics and creativity in digital marketing.

Melissa Simonelli has been a paid search associate at Red Ventures for just over a year, working on a large telco business within the RV Home team. Aside from managing multiple paid search accounts, you can usually find her dancing, shooting hoops (both in and out of the office), cooking for friends or playing video games (NBA 2K or Star Wars, of course).

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