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May 18-22nd, 2015: A team of top Red Ventures engineers will descend on the Windy City to attend php[tek], the premier professional PHP conference in the US. In between some (obligatory) deep dish pizza binges, they’ll be talking shop with fellow front-runners in the world of PHP and web development.

So…What makes our engineers tick? We asked them about the topics and trends they’re looking forward to geeking out about most at php[tek].

Paul Prae, Software Engineer

Paul-Prae “I’d like to see what technologies are out there to help us handle our exponential growth of data. It will be interesting to see how PHP is used for parallel computing and large data processing tasks. PHP definitely has a lot of new database systems to interface with, a few of which seem to have their own talks at this conference. Modern architectures seem to use many different data stores, so I better get good at bringing them all together.”


Joseph Baker, Software Engineer

Baker_Joseph “I want to hear some of the leaders in my field talk about the languages I use every day and some of the languages I want to use. Also, I’m excited to meet others in the field and see what they are working on.”


Ben Carter, Director of Application Engineering

Carter_Ben “I want to meet new PHP engineers starting the language and give them a few pointers from what I’ve learned during my 10+ years building enterprise-level PHP applications. I am also looking forward to showing off our PHP REST API that allows you to control the rolling robots we are bringing with us.”


Sean Teare, Software Engineer

Teare_Sean “I am excited to listen to speakers with such strong reputations in the PHP community speak about their projects and what they’re passionate about.  I am also excited to be in Chicago – one of the few big cities I’ve never visited, but have heard great things about.  Finally, I am excited to be surrounded by a bunch of people that are passionate about development and the direction that PHP is headed.


Okay…so how can I snag some face-time with these engineering all-stars?

Red Ventures is a proud sponsor of PHP Tek, and our technical recruiter Renessa Foronda will be attending the conference as well. In between trying to learn some basic PHP, she’ll be meeting with any engineers interested in exploring our current openings or engineer career paths at RV. Tell a friend…preferably an engineer. And get in touch with Renessa @Tech_Ness or

Check out #phptek to stay current on all the action!

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